Friday, 15 November 2013





  • Production Credits

  • Director - Frank Tuttle
    Screenplay - David Dortort
    Source Material (from novel) - Whit Masterson
    Associate Producer - George C. Bertholon
    Assistant Director - Bob Farfan
    Director of Photography - John F. Seitz
    Editor - Folmar Blangsted
    Music - David Buttolph
    Costume Design - Moss Mabry
    Cinematographer - John F. Seitz

  • Cats Credits
    Edmond O'Brien - Taggart
    Brian Donlevy - Bates
    Natalie Wood - Liz
    Raymond Burr - Loftus
    Richard Anderson - Owen
    Irene Hervey - Helen
    Carol Veazie - Mrs Loftus
    Mary Lawrence - Madge
    Anthony Caruso - Chavez
    George J. Lewis - Gerrity
    Peter Hanson - Dr Frazee
    Tina Carver - Marie Holzapple
    Herb Vigran - Jensen
    Alan Ladd - Narrated

  • Alan Ladd's Jaguar Productions made this film for Warner Brothers and Ladd made sure a lot of friends got work here. A quick glance of the credits will show that almost the whole cast worked with Ladd at some point in their careers. And in a prominent role as the boyfriend of Natalie Wood is Richard Anderson who was at one time Ladd's stepson-in-law being married to Sue Carol Ladd's daughter by a former marriage. Alan Ladd always liked having familiar faces and friends working with or for him.

  • A Cry In The Night is about a cop's daughter being kidnapped by a deranged peeping Tom in a lover's lane. Natalie Wood is the daughter and Raymond Burr is the kidnapper and he slugs Richard Anderson and steals his car as well as Natalie in his getaway.

  • The curious thing about A Cry In The Night is that both victim and perpetrator have serious parent issues. Wood is the daughter of an overprotective father who happens to be a police captain played by Edmond O'Brien. Burr's bad luck to kidnap a cop's daughter because the whole police force of the town is after him now, working 24/7. She's afraid to bring Anderson home to meet the folks because no one is good enough for daddy's little girl.

  • But that's nothing compared to what Burr is dealing with with Mumzie Dearest played by Carol Veazie. An overprotective mother has left Burr with social problems, an inability to relate to the opposite sex. At times Burr exudes menace and at times and sometimes the same time Burr is so childlike he's pitiable. No doubt Burr's character was inspired by Lennie from Of Mice And Men. In fact I'm surprised Raymond Burr never considered doing a remake of that John Steinbeck classic. He would have been wonderful in the part. When he's on screen Burr steals the film and when he's off you're waiting to see him return.

  • At the time the film was being made Raymond Burr and Natalie Wood were on some studio arranged dates. Very arranged because after his death we learned that Raymond Burr was a closeted gay man. Natalie Wood found that out earlier than most of us, but in a recent biography she said that she enjoyed Burr's company.

  • Brian Donlevy has the role of the no nonsense police captain overseeing the manhunt. A Cry In The Night holds up well after over 50 years and could use a remake today. If it was remade, who would you cast?